Firm Overview

Ehlert Financial Group was established in 1990 to serve the needs of families who were looking for overall objective financial planning for their future. Over the years, we have expanded to include business planning, special needs life care planning, wealth strategy and insurance solutions. We have found that our clients depend on us to find them solutions, “no matter what”. If we cannot find the answers, we consider it our job to find a resource to help our clients with their concerns.

Our practice is generally focused on four core client groups:

  1. People struggling with an uncertain financial future – be it their retirement, caring for their parents, funding their children’s education or determining how to transfer their legacy.
  2. Families with children and/or adults with disabilities; emotionally-charged, intricate planning situations require expertise in the world of special needs. We work very closely with our sister company, Protected Tomorrows.
  3. Surviving spouse support, education and coordination; one spouse historically has responsibility for managing the family’s financial affairs. We work with these couples as a team player to develop a relationship, maintain continuity of finances and educate and/or support the surviving spouse in the case of the death of the spouse with financial responsibility.
  4. Business owners, entrepreneurs and executives and their families – dealing with multifaceted, complex situations, complete with illiquid or closely held assets.