Business Planning

Creating new value to secure the future of your business.

Most successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives have unique financial needs. You’ve spent significant resources and taken many risks creating your wealth. Concentrated positions are common. Often, your personal wealth and the wealth or value of your business are inter-twined. Thus, building the value of the business directly improves the wealth of the owners and executives and their families.

Ehlert Financial Capabilities

Personal Wealth

  • Protect the wealth that has been created
  • Hedging / monetizing concentrated position
  • Diversification
  • Divestiture planning / Recapitalization
  • Tax deferral or minimization
  • Complex trusts
  • Legacy planning
  • Survivor protection
  • Philanthropic activities

Business Value

  • Executive Benefits
  • Corporate Benefits
  • Employee Education
  • Continuity Planning
  • Exit Strategies